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Crew and recruitmentcompany with local anchorage

Enköping, Haninge,Arlandastad

JOBMORE started in 2013with a vision of streamlining and quality assuring the staffing and recruitmentprocess for local businesses. Since its inception, we have grown rapidly andtoday have hundreds of satisfied customers and consultants. Our catchment areais Mälardalen, with offices strategically located in Enköping, Haninge andArlandastad.

Efficientand quality assured staffing and recruitment

When recruiting, we work in all occupational categories andat crew we are specialized in warehousing and logistics,  administration and assembly. Our consultantschiefs are recruited directly from the reality of the industry, and we canenter and take over operations, including stock, industry and production.


Wework to streamline and quality assure the processes of companies in ouracquisition. We do that by

•Be were your company exist.

•Know the local market.

•ensure that our consultants chiefs have expertise in your area.

•Be available when you need us.

•continuously train and develop our staff.

•Provide operational responsibility for function or device.

•be communicative and transparent



Core calue for us is what you think and do withoutthinking. Our value base is proximity, availability and relationship.

Proximity - We shall be close to our staff and ourcustomers.

Accessibility - We will be available to our staff and ourcustomers when they need us.

Relationship - We strive for an honest, transparent andclose relationship with you as an employee and you as a customer.

We set up around the clock and year round - even onChristmas Eve, if you wish. Our customers are located in most industries, butprimarily within warehouse / logistics, production and construction.

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